Practical teachings recommend some techniques and habits which are beneficial for one's energy. It is important to keep the body warm and to use warm water when bathing and brushing one's teeth. Combing one's hair frequently, rubbing one's face, biting one's teeth, and swallowing one's saliva help to refine one's energy. The strengthening of one's internal organs and brightening of the face is accomplished by rubbing the backs of the thumbs together to produce heat; then gently stroking over the eyes fourteen times, over the sides of the nose thirty-six times, then with the palms fourteen times over the ears and fourteen times over the face. The best sleeping position for conserving one's energy is on the side with the knees pulled up slightly. This is a protection from the intrusion of external energies which may cause nightmares. To sleep peacefully, turn off all lights and remain silent while lying down. When awakening, it is good to stretch thoroughly.

Hua-Ching Ni in Entering the Tao