At the end of the day, we return home to pass the evening hours before going to bed. We spend time relaxing and doing household chores. If we live with others, this is our principal time to reconnect with them. The spiritual challenge is to leave behind the stresses of the workday to make room for a heightened awareness in all our evening interactions.

Upon reaching your doorway, pause and look at or kiss the mezuzah on your doorpost and say:

Let me rejoice in my return to the warmth of my home. This day, as all workdays, was filled with a mixture of accomplishments and missteps. If I can, let me leave the anxieties and problems of the day ensconced in my briefcase. If I am struggling with a major issue at work, let me reflect upon it in a manner that leads to clarity rather than overwhelming anxiety. Let me share it with those who love me in an open and honest manner so that I may be nurtured by them. Let me not displace that anxiety on the people with whom I share the intimate aspects of my life. Let this be a homecoming to all that I treasure.

Michael Strassfeld in A Book of Life