Rabbi Nachman of Breslov advised his disciples to make time each day for the practice of "hitbodebut" -- holy aloneness, a meditative practice that involves talking to God in our own words. Rabbi Nachman taught that by pouring out our hearts before God and expressing all the pain and longing that we feel, we begin to develop a deep intimacy with God. . . .

You might want to try some modified version of this practice by spending some quiet time each day in meditation or in nature. Pay attention during these times to the callings of your neshama [soul] in the form of dream images, fantasies, and free associations. Also be receptive to what the neshama may be teaching you through any unusual synchronicities that have occurred in your life. Perhaps the universe has been speaking metaphorically to you in some way. God may be whispering in your ear, if only you are quiet enough to hear. In addition to listening, you will also want to speak to God in your own words about whatever is going on in your life. Try not to judge whatever comes up.

Even if you spend only a few minutes a day practicing hitbodebut, you may begin noticing some positive changes in you life.

See Yourself through God's Eyes

Take a moment to relax by simply paying attention to your breath. As you settle into a steady rhythm of breathing, notice that you may begin to feel more centered and still inside. Take a few moments to just be in this relaxed state — fully present.

Now imagine, if you can, what you might look like if you were to see yourself through God's eyes — through eyes that are filled with wisdom and loving kindness, eyes that see with compassion and do not judge. Try to see yourself as the amazing mystery and pure being that you are.

Estelle Frankel in Sacred Therapy