No moment stands still, and neither should we. There is functional movement, there is mindless movement, and then there is dance. Dancing connects us with flow, with spirit, and almost instantly, with the Now. In order to reap the gifts dance has to offer, we don't need to be skillful at it — just willing.

The Practice

Wear clothes that don't restrict your movement. Make sure you're in a room without mirrors. Put on music that fits your mood. Warm up your body with a few minutes of stretching. Now you're ready to let loose.

Dancing comes naturally to most of us, so little instruction is required. Many people, however, have a hard time leaving behind feelings of awkwardness and self-consciousness. Therefore, let this dance come from the inside out. That means your intent is not to look good but to express whatever arises in each moment. If you feel clumsy, for instance, let that clumsiness be a part of the dance. While getting the hang of this, try exaggerating all your movements. Sing along to the melody. Eventually, lose yourself in the dance so that it happens without any forethought.

Raphael Cushnir in How Now