Is there a situation you are involved in which is causing unhappiness that you are not able to work out?

Today, for a little while, accept the situation entirely as it is. Relinquish your demands about it, your claims that it be different. Try to find something meaningful or positive in the situation. Stop fighting and struggling. As you do this, see what happens to your pain. Very often, you may also notice that when you stop pushing and pulling, things often begin to change all by themselves.

For today, rather than blame others for your difficulty or sorrow, see it as part of your karma that is rising now. Consider how the ways in which you've functioned may have brought this about. What are you doing now to keep the situation going? You may also consider how certain changes in your usual ways would be beneficial, for both this particular situation and your life in general.

Brenda Shoshanna in Jewish Dharma