Four-Minute Meditation: Walking down the Street

This shift of perspective brings you more in touch with yourself, helps you become more deeply rooted in yourself. Your self-confidence and self-trust are greatly enhanced. When you remove judgment, love appears.

Next time you're walking down a street, or sitting on a park bench or in a coffee shop, notice how you judge people as they pass by; for example, the way they dress, whether they smoke, are overweight, are chewing gum, how loudly they talk, what kind of car they drive. Bring your attention inward, to observing your mind and the judgments it is making about what it sees. The knack of it is to bring your attention from the people, outside you, to yourself, and what is going on inside you. For example, as you walk down the street, first bring your attention to yourself, to your feet on the ground, to your breathing, to the swing of your arms. Become aware that "in this moment I am walking down the street." And now, observing the passersby, notice any judgments passing across your mind.

Whenever you are walking down a street, do this, even if it is just for a moment or two. Have fun with it!

Pragito Dove in Laughter, Tears, Silence