I call this method "Unity Walk" because through it you attempt to experience the innate "unity" of all experience, what Bede Griffiths called "the seamless dance my body and mind are doing with the world around me."

The essential principle of the unity walk is: Consider and "know" everything you see, smell, touch, feel on your walk as different aspects of the One you are one with in the core of your consciousness. The flower you love in the flower bed is the smile of the One; the wind brushing against your arm is the One moving against you; the faces of the people you pass in the street are all different masks of the one face that is also yours; feel every tiny sensation in your body as belonging to the One living in and as you.

It helps greatly when you are doing this exercise to say the Sanskrit word for divine peace, Shantih, again and again in your heartcenter. As your experience of inner profound peace deepens, your unity with everything inside you and outside you can naturally shine out.

At the end of your walk, extend peace and unity to all beings in the four directions, and dedicate any insights or joys you may have experienced to the happiness of all beings everywhere.

Andrew Harvey in The Direct Path