There is Taoist exercise that is exciting to practice when you are swimming in the sea. My friend called it "Enjoying the Crest and the Hollow."

When you are riding the crest of a wave, imagine your life in flower and rejoice with your whole body; when the crest topples and you follow the downflow of the wave, imagine a cycle of life where difficulty follows success, illness health, sorrow joy, and realize that such a cycle is just as natural as the movement you are making now, and just as easy to be integrated within a "whole" vision of things. "Just as there is a time for the crest," she said, "so there is a time to follow the wave as it breaks. Reflect on the grace, surrender, harmony that allow you to do both naturally and without fear."

It is wonderful to accompany this exercise by light chanting or making sounds. When you are riding the crest of the wave, for example, you can shout with joy, and when you are following the wave's breaking, you could howl. This is a simple and elemental way of getting in touch with the cyclical nature of life; your cries of joy and howls will very soon come to seem like different aspects of the same music in the same way as "riding the crest" and "following the fall" will reveal themselves as two halves of one continuous movement.

Andrew Harvey in The Direct Path