When was the last time you completely dedicated and devoted yourself to the experience you were having with another person? Bring your full attention to deeply notice another person today — the color of his eyes or the gentle curvature of her forehead, the way the hair falls, the unique sound and tone of the voice, the shape of the hand and fingers, and even the deeper need for well-being and happiness. Know that this person is the most important person in your life in this moment, for as Tolstoy writes in his short story "Three Questions": "The most necessary [individual] is he with whom you are, for no man knows whether he will ever have dealings with any one else." This practice not only brings you into the present but also honors the uniqueness that exists in each being. Let this meeting with another be the most important thing in your life, just for the few moments or minutes that it lasts. Could you live each moment of your day this way? How beautiful!

Donald Altman in The Mindfulness Code