When you draw out the powers of your mind, your imagination and your feeling, and strengthen them, then when you serve God in prayer it will be from inside you, not just your brain. It will be made real, so that you will see what you express with your lips. And when you say "To You every knee will bend" — even if you have aroused your feelings only a little, you will already see that you and all the world are bowing before God and nullifying yourselves before Him, blessed be He. And when you say "Praise the Lord from the heavens, etc." [in the continuation of this verse of Psalm 148 in the Morning Service, the angels, sun, moon, and stars, trees, animals, and all people are called to praise God] with feeling, then you are standing before all the world — all the creatures of the Upper and Lower Worlds are actually before you — and you are telling them: "Stand up and praise God! Let us together sing to Him!" (Hachsharat ha-Abrechim, p. 29b)

Peasetzna Rebbe in Jewish Spiritual Practices by Yitzhak Buxbaum