One of our most common secular rituals is balancing our bank accounts each month. It is easy to think of money as strictly secular, having no connection to the sacred. But if our lives are meant to be whole, then financial matters should have some link with our spiritual concerns. One way to find this link is to create it intentionally by viewing money as part of the spiritual universe in which you live.

When you sit down to balance your checkbook each month, offer a special prayer of gratitude for the money that has come in during the month. If you are currently affluent, acknowledge this gratefully, and vow to use some of your money for gifts and charitable causes. If you are not currently affluent, offer a prayer of trust that God can organize the universe around you so that the money you need will come your way. In both instances, build into your prayer a commitment to live frugally and simply and not to squander money on purchases you really do not need.

Tom Cowan in The Way of the Saints