Close your office door or find a place where you can be alone. Turn off the phone ringer; let the machine take the messages. Put a notice on your door: Gone to Lunch. Close your eyes, relax for a minute or two, bring awareness to your breathing, and feel your feet on the ground. Then unwrap your food and lay it out carefully in front of you, making sure you have everything you need. Eat with intention, slowly, enjoying the tastes and textures, and savor the ingredients of your meal. Don't read or look at documents or the computer screen. Just keep your attention on your food.

Remember to breathe slowly and feel your feet on the ground. Feel the body's satisfaction as it digests the food. Pause when you change to taking a drink. Slowly bring the cup to your mouth and feel the liquid satisfying your thirst. Just enjoy the sensual pleasure of eating and drinking.

When you have finished, pause for a few moments with eyes closed. Sit and breathe. Feel the sense of satisfaction, well-being, and comfort that a good meal can bring.

Pragito Dove in Lunchtime Enlightenment