Here are easy things you can do on the spot when you are looking to increase your patience.

Put a small pebble in your pocket. When you start to feel irritation arise, move the pebble from one pocket to the other, which will help interrupt the anger cycle and give you a chance to regroup.

Standing in line, take yourself on a mental vacation. Vizualize the most peaceful place you can think of. See, feel, and hear yourself there. Bring to mind the feelings that such a place evokes in you. rather than focusing on how long you have to wait, relish this chance to take a little daydream to Tahiti or the Alps.

Kids, parents, spouse making your blood boil? Remember what legacy you want to leave in the world. That your father says on his deathbed that you were so kind? That your son thanks you for being a patient teacher to him? Take a minute now to think of what you would want to be remembered for after you are gone and bring it to mind in times of relationship trials.

Start a patience movement. Thank others for being patient when you've been the one fumbling for the right change and holding everyone up. It will defuse their tension and yours, and perhaps encourage others to do the same.

M. J. Ryan in The Power of Patience