During outdoor walking practice, in order to connect more deeply with all of the healing elements within and around you, you may want to stop walking from time to time and simply breathe. The more you make yourself available to these elements, the more you are refreshed and healed. You may enjoy this exercise. "Breathing in, good morning birds"; "Breathing out, thank you for your songs," or "Breathing in, hello blue sky"; "Breathing out, thank you, dear blue sky, for being there for me." When you can make yourself more present in this way, the birds and the blue sky are yours to enjoy and hold. If you continue to breathe consciously and smile to the sky, its space and beauty begin to penetrate your whole being, nourishing you and waking within you the seeds of joy, love, and freedom. And during this time, you will refrain from watering the seeds of sorrow, anger, and despair.

Nguyen Anh-Huong in Walking Meditation by Nguyen Huong, Thich Nhat Hanh