When we're "in love," the pesky, annoying little details of life are not a problem. If the car breaks down, it just means we have extra time together while we wait for the tow truck. If I'm not in love, the broken-down car means a stressful conversation about what I'm late for and how much this is going to cost. The situation is the same except for the "in love" part. Being mentored through life by conscious compassionate awareness is being "in love."

Your Assignment: Find a place that is beautiful to you (preferably outside in nature if that's possible). As you are either sitting or walking slowly (slowly enough not to require you to lose touch with your surroundings), recall a time when you felt unconditionally loving. Perhaps you felt this for a parent or grandparent when you were a child, maybe for a sibling, for a best friend, for your own child, or for a pet. The object is irrelevant; the feeling is what's important. Practice returning to that feeling several times during the day, especially before going to sleep.

Cheri Huber in Making a Change for Good