Life is infinitely fascinating and diverse. The more you look, the more there is to discover. But most of the time, rushing through our daily schedules, we block out a majority of what's happening all about us. Setting aside a few moments to look around, with no particular agenda, can add renewed luster to our everyday experience.

The Practice

Find a place near your home that's ideal for hanging out — perhaps a park bench, a bus stop, or the parking lot of a supermarket. Camp there for at least twenty minutes. Watch everything that happens, paying particular attention to what you ordinarily might not see when you're on the go.

If it feels uncomfortable to be so idle, let the sensations of discomfort remain, and keep watching. If you get bored, let your boredom be part of the experience, too. As you watch, take note of any unusual or unexpected sights, sounds, sensations, or reflections. See if they cause you to experience anything previously familiar in a new or different way.

Raphael Cushnir in How Now