The speed of contemporary life is fierce. Human beings weren't made for it. Even those of us who thrive on multitasking and channel surfing place an enormous strain on our bodies, which haven't evolved for such activity. Taking specific time out to move through life at a pace that matches our physical and evolutionary wiring provides two benefits. First, it's a recalibration that leads to luscious and immediate presence. And second, it recharges us to handle all those other moments when slowing down really isn't an option.

The Practice:

Choose an activity that you're able to perform at least three times slower than usual. Cooking, walking, and bathing are three such possibilities. Give yourself more than enough time for this practice so that nothing will impinge on it.

Make sure to breathe, pause, ponder, and move through your activity with gentle and continuous attention. If the urge to speed up arises, stop completely until it passes. Once you're in a relaxed and easy flow, let yourself surrender to the flow rather than dictate it.

Raphael Cushnir in How Now