Learn to enthuse about life. . . . Here is a pattern I based on Genesis 1:

Monday: Explore the beginnings, the Big Bang, the birth of the universe. The balance the world needed for life to evolve. The right amount of gravity, of air, of relationship to the sun.

Tuesday: Discover the beauty and mystery of the sky, the clouds, the air. Again the balance and the ability to recycle water is amazing.

Wednesday: Look at water in all its forms, seas and rivers, ice and snow. Without it nothing would live. Discover how much of the human body is made up of water, or hydrogen and oxygen: the world and ourselves are truly mysterious.

Thursday: Wonder and enthuse over the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets. Explore the balance between the various objects that make up our solar system. Discover how regular are day and night, the tides and the seasons.

Friday: Rejoice in life, in all living things. Look at the wonders of the oceans, the air, the earth. There are many television programmes that help us to appreciate the variety and splendour of life on earth.

Saturday: Enjoy being human. Discover the sacredness of all life. Learn to look at others with awe and respect. Discover our unity of body, mind and spirit.

Sunday: This is a day of rest — make sure you are able to relax. This is the time to enthuse, to affirm you are in the heart of God, and to know in him all things that live and move and have their being.

David Adam in The Road of Life