Forehead: May you have keen insights and think clearly. May your thoughts be kind and wise. May you resolve anything in your mind that keeps you from being your true self.

Ears: May you listen to the inner Voice of the Beloved and act on the word of God. May you hear the melodies of your own goodness and treasure who you are.

Eyes: May you have inner vision to see more clearly the path that is yours. May you look upon others with love as you search for your way home.

Mouth: May you speak with love, proclaim the truth, and make your needs known. May you laugh at the absurdities of life and taste life with joy and enthusiasm.

Nose: As you take in air and let out air, may you be reminded of the cycle of life with its dying and rising, its emptying and filling. May you breathe in the aroma of goodness and breathe out what needs to be let go.

Hands: May you use your hands to touch all life with reverence and gratitude. May these hands reach out with care to others. May these hands be willing to receive from others.

Skin: May you not be too thick-skinned or too thin-skinned as you journey. May you reverence and protect the dignity of others no matter what color of skin they have.

Heart: May you develop awareness of what stirs deep within you. May you have a vibrant, compassionate heart, one that is filled with generosity and kindness.

Feet: As you travel through the many ups and downs of life, may all the places your feet take you lead you to greater transformation and inner freedom. May you develop an ever firmer foundation for your spiritual path.

Joyce Rupp in Out of the Ordinary