What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul.
— Yiddish Folk Saying

As our bodies get dirty, so do our souls feel sadness. But neither of these situations have to be a permanent condition; there is a remedy. For dirt, there is soap. For despair, there are tears. Using soap does not mean we will never get dirty again; nor does crying mean we will rid ourselves of despair and sadness once and for all. But they help. They prevent too much buildup. And they remind us of the temporary condition of our affliction. For when we despair, the worst part of it is that we tend to think it will never end. Are there tears you are holding back right now? Why? Are you afraid that if you start crying, you will never stop? That the sadness will overwhelm you? Release your tears. Let them cleanse your soul.

Get really dirty and smelly. As you wash your body in the shower, imagine that the dirt and smells are your sadness. Watch them go down the drain.

Terry Bookman in The Busy Soul