How often do we picture a good life? How often do we see trouble ahead and all the things we fear happening? We are more likely to create what we are visualizing, so we need to be very aware of what pictures we are focusing on.

Our bodies do not really know the difference between what we visualize and what we are actually doing. The messages it receives are based on the internal changes the body undergoes because of our visions and our actions. If we continue to visualize what we feel is wrong with us, we will remain in that image. The day we change the image of ourselves and our world, we will see a new reflection.

Use your time to visualize what you actually want to happen. Interrupt your day every few hours to visualize a positive future. Genes respond to your behavior, activities, and images, so your body will follow suit.

Creative imagery, hypnosis, and even dreaming can guide you. As mentioned in the Bible, God speaks in dreams and visions. So get in touch with the language of creation and visualize your highest good.

Soulution of the Day: Create the image that you desire for yourself and your life. Then see it, believe it, and live it.

Bernie S. Siegel in 365 Prescriptions for the Soul