My first thought when I hear "break it up" is of a fight. Breakup reminds me of the end of a relationship, and breakdown makes me think of someone falling apart under stressful conditions. A break-in usually refers to illegal activities. Most "breaks" are not something we want. Even when we say "give me a break," what are we looking for? We want people to leave us alone and stop the pressure.

The break I like to hear about is not the lucky break you get that comes along by chance, but the breakthrough. This word gives me a feeling that something has happened that enlightens and alters you in a way that will improve your life and that of others.

Please keep working to break through into a life of love and healing. All the breakthroughs the great prophets had can be used to benefit our lives and help bring meaning. So take your old life and break it up. Don't live waiting for the next lucky break. Break up with the people in your past who led you astray, and don't be afraid of a breakdown either. You will come out of the darkness and break through into the light.

Solution of the Day: You deserve a break today . . . a breakthrough.

Bernie S. Siegel in 365 Prescriptions for the Soul