Step One
Choose a place that is relaxing for you: your living room, the porch, your local park. There is nothing to "do," no agenda, nothing to achieve, nowhere to go. You can start by sitting, standing up, or lying down — it doesn't matter.

Step Two
Think of one thing you are grateful for. Notice how you feel when you think about it. Now allow yourself to follow your intuition. You might do something, such as walking, dancing, or gazing at the trees, or you might do nothing. It doesn't matter. It is not the activity that is important but your relaxed, spontaneous, effortless effort with the activity or nonactivity. Over time you discover that you can do activities with a goal, such as cleaning the kitchen floor, but it feels effortless and relaxing, which adds to your enjoyment.

If you simply allow things to happen, not choosing, then you can deeply, respectfully, and gratefully accept whatever comes to you as a gift from the universe.

Pragito Dove in Laughter, Tears, Silence