Daydream. Take the time today to let your mind wander wherever it wants to go, whether that is a certain place or a specific time, or a combination of both. Allow yourself the luxury of entering a dreamlike state during waking hours, without any objective other than the sheer pleasure of relaxing your mind.

You can set aside a designated time for daydreaming, take a walk in a serene location where there are no cars and few people, or just daydream as you move about during your regular day. The choice is yours. If you find daydreaming hard at first, stay with it. Before long you will find your mind wandering to far-off places, conjuring up images that arise from the innermost part of you, the part that houses your true nature.

When you daydream, what do you think about? Do you project yourself into the future, seeing yourself in particular surroundings with familiar people accompanying you, or do you find yourself going back to the past, remembering a particularly loving or beautiful time on your life? How does this make you feel?

Try to daydream every day, even if it's for a few minutes between responsibilities. Keep in mind that your ability to love includes the ability to follow your subconscious. Daydreaming will help you do this. Daydreams are not irrelevant or insignificant moments. The seeds for future developments in your life are contained in the things you imagine.

Alan Epstein in How to Have More Love in Your Life