Be easily awestruck. For one day, be someone who finds everything wonderful, impressive, unbelievable. Make a fuss over the smallest achievement, the most insignificant development. Live today as if each moment contains within it the seeds of utter greatness.

At work, be bowled over by everyone's ideas, not in a patronizing way, but in a way that genuinely shows your high regard for their accomplishments, talent, and potential. At home, demonstrate your love and affection by praising your family members, by indicating through your words and actions how delighted you are to be their mother, father, brother, or daughter.

Act as if each idea you encounter today came directly out of the wellspring of genius, even if there remains a part of you that is unconvinced. See the beauty, the cleverness, the brilliance, in everything. Make this a day of revelation for yourself, and of support and encouragement for everyone around you.

Alan Epstein in How to Be Happier Day by Day