Be an optimist. Regardless of what others say, look at the bright side of everything. Have faith that everything will turn out fine, for you personally, for other people, and for the world in general.

Don't let this belief falter. Act out of your unwavering faith. If others say you are being unduly optimistic, tell them that it is impossible to be overly optimistic, that every experience — even an unpleasant one — carries with it the seed of something fruitful.

How does it feel to expect only good things to happen? Foreign? Familiar? Impossible? Easy? How do others react when you put a positive spin on everything? Do they think you've gone off the deep end, or note with admiration the change in your attitude? Count how many times you're told you're being unrealistic, and then mention Henry Ford and the Wright brothers.

If you are already an optimistic person, turn it up a notch. See if you can get close to being a ten on a scale of one to ten.

Alan Epstein in How to Be Happier Day by Day