O Divine Gardener and Artist,
   you have painted the skies blue,
   you have watered the earth
   and have even given promise to
You have carpeted the earth in verdant green.

May these living creatures, our plants,
   breathe life into our home.
They live. They breathe. They grow.
   Blessed be life!
   Blessed be breath!
   Blessed be growth!

Bless these plants.
   They have developed from seeds.
Blessed be small beginnings.
   They have been watered with care.
Blessed be attention and nurturing.
   They have grown in the midst of mud.
Blessed be the fruit of fertile messiness.
   They smile at the sun.
Blessed be openness and optimism.
   They flower forth in beauty.
Blessed be our hopes and dreams.

William John Fitzgerald in Blessings for the Fast Paced & Cyberspaced