Anger generates heat from within burning us up. But it also becomes a pattern. We imagine that we can control others through getting angry with them, but what we generate is resentment. Anger is not only ugly and potentially destructive, but also a very poor strategy for dealing with problems. Advice only works when the person shows real motivation to change. Otherwise the words go in one ear and out the other. Realising that the self is not really different from the self of another helps dissolve explosive anger and lingering hostility. . . .

Anger does not control others. It makes them resentful. It takes motivation, co-operation and mutual understanding to transform the mind.

1. In anger and revenge, we sink to the level of others. It is also our mind that burns and suffers. Develop noble silence rather than support unhealthy attitudes.
2. Practice letting go of any negativities that infect your memory.
3. If sending an aggressive letter, practice waiting overnight before posting it.
4. Practice resisting the temptation to justify negativity.
5. Explore a wise response to others' behavior.
6. Reflect on what stands beyond getting or not getting your own way.

Christopher Titmuss in Light on Enlightenment