One way that indigenous cultures are still so far ahead of us is in their traditions that create altered states of enhanced awareness. We are not talking about those induced through hallucinogenic drugs but those using movement, prayer, meditation, and music. They don't need to use artificial substances like alcohol, drugs to produce euphoria.

[Here are] a number of examples of how to activate and nourish the sense of mystery.

1. Introduce more rhythm into your life.
2. Learn to gently (and sometimes wildly) rock your body.
3. Dance, think, and pray in the dark.
4. Bring on the music.
5. Faithfully write down a request for guidance, and carry this invitation with you throughout the day.
6. Bring more absurdity into your daily rituals.
7. Be irreverent with the "why" questions in your life.
8. Remind yourself, constantly, that you will never understand the big things in life.

Bradford Keeney, Jeffrey Kottler, Jon Carlson in American Shaman