There are tough bosses; there are mean bosses; and there are downright evil bosses. They probably don't have weapons of mass destruction — they aren't that evil — but if they're taking pleasure in intentionally harming you and other workers, they are doing evil. . . .

Since you can't take revenge, here's what you can do to ease your own feelings of victimization. See your boss as your child. Imagine you're his mother. You love him, and it pains you to see him so angry and mean. When you experience his venting (even at you), look at it as the childish tantrum of a toddler. You can't truly stay angry at toddlers; they're too puny and helpless. They lack awareness of their failings. So thinking of your boss as your foolish child gives you a place for patience and even compassion for actions you could not otherwise tolerate.

Franz Metcalf in Just Add Buddha!