Remember the Slinky? Pick-up Sticks? Jacks? Legos? The toys you loved most as a child provided countless hours of enraptured contentment. Until the call came for dinner or bedtime, you wanted nothing else but to be where you were, doing exactly what you were doing. You were an ace at the how of now without even knowing it. The good news is that no matter how many years have passed, those favorite toys can still work their very same magic.

The Practice

If you don't still own some great classic toys, take a trip to the store and stock up. The best ones often cost the least. When you're ready, set aside an hour with no clocks, no distractions, and no to-do lists. Allow the toy to pull you into its lyrical realm. Revel in any memories that arise, yet remain mindful of your connection to the present.

If you're tempted to spend toy time with a child, go ahead, but only if you can avoid falling into the grown-up role. Just for this hour, let there be no grown-ups anywhere in sight.

Raphael Cushnir in How Now