Welcome, dearest child.
Welcome to your two families, rich heritages converging in you.
There never has been, there never will be anyone like you.
You are unique!
Welcome to this world — so finely formed and fragile yet amazingly tenacious and abundant. It is shot through with so much beauty.
Immerse yourself in the beauty. Live in harmony with your world.
Freely and gladly accept the bounty it offers.
Welcome to the marvelous era in which you were born. It promises wondrous possibilities. You have before you unimaginable frontiers, great discoveries, and new meanings.
Seize your days!
Welcome to your age on this earth. May you know a restless yearning to be alive, to know, to reflect, and to make meaning. Always be mindful of your place in an awesome universe. It is more than your home. It is in you, even as you are in it.
It is your destiny and destination.
Welcome to the greatest journey in the universe, your journey lived through the ongoing gift and graces of your being.
Be hopeful and joyful throughout your days.

In your newness the world is new too. Your mother and father, who brought you into being in love, are so glad and grateful for you.
We rejoice with them. We promise to join them in loving nurture — that you may be fulfilled, even as your fulfillment fulfills us too.
On this day of your birth and forevermore, we give you our love.

Edward Searle in Bless This Child