We enter the wisdom circle [or other small group dialogue] with a commitment to explore our basic inquiry: How can we continue to survive, dream, hope, and carry on in this time of change and transformation? How can we release rigid patterns of thinking and broaden our perspective? Let’s set aside philosophical debate and listen to each other with an open heart. Let’s begin by asking provocative questions, questions that push us to reconsider the values and assumptions upon which we base our lives.

[Follow the Wisdom Circle Process, or other collaborative dialogue process, using the following questions:]

- What is motivating you to commit to this cause? Use images, and be as specific as possible.

- What needs of yours get met through this commitment?

- How much of your personal life, family relationships, and health are you sacrificing for this commitment?

- How often do feelings of hatred well up in you? despair? satisfaction? success? Why?

- How often do you find yourself in an “us versus them” mentality? How often do you recognize the “enemy’s” traits or shortcomings in yourself?

Charles Garfield, Cindy Spring, Sedona Cahill in Wisdom Circles