Reflect on the verse about Divine Heart being inside human heart:

In a beautiful revelation that came to the Prophet in a dream, God says:

I cannot be contained in the space of the earth
I cannot be contained in the space of the heavens
But I can be contained in the space of the pure loving heart of my devotee.
-Al Ghazali in Ihyaa Ulum, vol. 2

Close your eyes, become silent, and focus on your heart. Touch your heart with one or both hands. Connect for a while with your heartbeat. Remind yourself that the Beloved resides in the chamber of your human heart. God is not only outside of you but also within you. Be present with this astonishing mystery. When you are ready, tell your heart, "I love You" or "Please help me to love You." Say the words with humility and feeling. You might want to say, "Thank You. I am so grateful." Or, "I surrender to You. Please help me." Choose words that resonate for you. No matter how awkward it feels initially, persist and stay with this for a while. Over time, you will find a mysterious divine vibration going from the tongue into the mouth, into the throat, into the chest, deep into the heart, deeper still into the hidden, and then into the "hidden of the hidden," healing and empowering your sacred essence. Faithful practitioners have reported that in difficult times, they have been stunned to hear a reassuring voice mysteriously arising from within and telling them, "I love you."

Jamal Rahman in Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice by Don Mackenzie, Ted Falcon, Jamal Rahman