Faith communities often demonstrate the democratic virtues of cooperation and generosity. In The Problem of Wealth, Elizabeth L. Hinson-Hasty discusses two churches in Louisville who share a building, the Covenant Community Church and James Lees Presbyterian Church. When the cost of maintenance of the space became unmanageable, they knew they needed to find another way to survive. They agreed on a new vision, rebranding the building as a "Social Collaboratory" where "[a]nyone in the local community could use the space as long as they covenanted to be part of the collaborator board. During board meetings, members made decisions about how to use the space by consensus. Ultimately, sixteen religious, justice, and arts groups met in the building." In a time when many smaller faith communities are shuttering or selling their buildings, such collaborations strongly dedicate a space to the practices of hospitality and connections.

Kristin Ritzau, Elizabeth L. Hinson-Hasty in Practicing Democracy with Your Faith Community by Kristin Ritzau, Mary Ann Brussat