[R]esolve to sustain the view of your true nature throughout your day. From the vast openness and clarity of your innermost essence, an unconditional love and compassion radiates toward all beings; allow this to resonate in your being as long as possible after meditating. Even if you do not directly connect with the nature of mind in meditation, by simply trusting it is there you can release your grasping and become more at ease with yourself.

Bring the clear awareness of your true nature to the way you perceive and relate to others. From that perspective, every moment is the flow of meditation, every activity is prayer, everyone you meet is a potential Buddha, worthy of respect. Train yourself to relate to each person with pure perception and a good heart, always from the intention of benefiting others….

When you recognize that everything is impermanent, you take things a bit more lightly, with more humor. Resolve that whenever you find yourself falling back into emotional, grasping patterns, you will recall your fundamental sky-like nature, and allow changes to pass through you.

This is also how you can begin breaking down the artificial division between your spiritual practice and daily work. Allow the inspiration and spacious generosity of your meditation to transform your perception of those you meet; allow it to inform your choices and responses so that your life becomes a continuous and active expression of your deepest motivation.

Christine Longaker in The Wisdom of Listening by Mark Brady