In The Zen of Listening, Rebecca Shafir suggests that, two or three times a week, we open our minds to something we've previously opposed and don't know much about. She cites an example of viewing a sport we dislike and taking the time to really watch a game and look for the good in it. In her case, she discovered multiple things that made it interesting and entertaining. Consequently, she's more understanding of its appeal to others, and less critical of it. Shafir suggests that we try this openness with our not-so-favorite people, too. More specifically, she suggests being open to their views and listening to them from the standpoint that there is something to learn from them. Doing so will widen our knowledge base, and enable us to appreciate others' perspectives as valid as our own.

Habib Todd Boerger, Rebecca Z. Shafir in The Zen of Listening by Rebecca Z. Shafir