A good way to connect with our neighbors is to get involved, either as participants or audience, with the arts. Contacts made in these settings often carry over into decision-making forums. In The Better World Handbook: From Good Intentions to Everyday Actions, authors Brett Johnson, Brian Klocke, Ellis Jones, and Ross Haenfler write, “supporting local arts is often an inexpensive yet meaningful way to connect with members of your community and learn something new.” They suggest the following:

  • Go to museums and visit galleries featuring local arts.
  • Go to concerts in the park.
  • Give money to street musicians.
  • Buy artwork from a local artist.
  • Attend dance performances, local plays, and school productions.
Habib Todd Boerger, Brett Johnson, Brian Klocke, Ellis Jones, Ross Haenfler in Practicing Democracy in Your Neighborhood by Habib Todd Boerger