Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with views from
train windows — landscape
that rotates one way near the
tracks and the opposite way near
the horizon, while we sit back and
watch it rolling by like a film,
yet real and with a life of its own.
May I always live keenly aware of
worlds unaware of being observed,
worlds turning and touching,
separate from each other, yet one.

Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with glass — its many
kinds and shapes and colors, the
glass of windowpanes, lightbulbs,
wine goblets, the nose cones of
missiles, the marbles and beach
glass that were our grade-school
treasures, the lenses of telescopes,
the beads that have spent centuries
in tombs, the tear bottles buried by
grieving women, glass that won't
ever decay yet shatters at once.
May it teach me to handle all things
with care.

David Steindl-Rast in 99 Blessings