Try this the next time some natural scene of beauty or power pulls you toward it. It might be a radiant sunset, the stars on a very clear, cold night, a great expanse of beach with waves rolling in one after another, or just a small creek trickling over mossy stones. Close your eyes and continue to see the scene, and realize that the pull it has on you is coming from within you as much as from without. The pulling, the longing to let it fill you, the yearning to know the sublime nature of this scene reside in both you and the scene itself. There is no barrier between you and it. Even though it seems to be "out there," or even "way out there," it is in your soul. It is part of your soul, for there is no "way out there." Its elements are your body, pulling, longing, and yearning. The whole Earth is pulling, longing, and yearning. Take a deep breath and let these wonders fill you. Then open your eyes again.

When you leave this scene, all the glory, beauty, and power of it will go with you. They are in your soul. You are still walking beneath those stars, along that beach, before that sunset. When you later hear that stream splashing over the mossy stones, you will not be hearing it just inside your head. It is out there. Out there in your soul.

Yes, there is always a great and terrible crashing when any tree falls, for no tree falls that does not fall within my soul.

Tom Cowan in Yearning for the Wind