Mindfulness breathing is an important practice in contemplative traditions and in most relaxation and health-building regimes. Here are the basic instructions.

Breathe in deeply, focusing your mind on that one activity. Breathe out completely emptying your lungs, with similar awareness. When you notice that your mind wanders — and it probably will — bring it back to the breath. If you notice a muscular discomfort, return your attention to the sensation of rhythmic breathing. When thoughts arise, simply acknowledge them: "I am having an angry thought." "I am thinking of something beautiful." "I am remembering." "I am planning." Be mindful of your breath and be mindful of your mind.

Do this exercise every day while sitting, for as long as you find helpful. Then bring this kind of focused awareness into other settings, being mindful of both breath and thoughts during a walk or while drinking your tea.

Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat in Spiritual Rx: Prescriptions for Living a Meaningful Life