Do you have a well-rounded view of beauty, or do you find yourself falling prey to media manipulation? Collect ten fashion magazines. Buy a piece of poster board and some glue. For one half hour, sort through your magazine stash, pulling any image that speaks to you of feminine beauty. At the end of a half hour, paste your images in place. What do you see? Do you have an attainable sense of beauty, or are you placing yourself out of the ballpark by coveting the stick-thin figure that will never be yours? Beauty is made of so many factors — a good head of hair, a rounded eye, a smiling lip, a graceful neck, a bust and hips that are ample. Are you able to swim against the media tide? Are you able to craft for yourself a sense of style and beauty that may not match the anorexic norm we are asked to buy into?

Julia Cameron in The Writing Diet