"There once was a young monk who went to his teacher in tears. He blurted out that he was having a terrible experience with his meditation practice. Every time he settled down, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, all he could see were two dragons fighting each other. One dragon was a deep blue and it was filled with anger and greed and lust. Even its fire was terrifying. It was ferocious, this dragon. The other dragon was just as ferocious. Only the other dragon, pale white, was filled with love, wisdom, and compassion. Its fire was a deep, deep yellow. The young man was terrified of what would happen. Which dragon would win? He couldn't tell and was afraid to watch them fight, which made him afraid to sit. Could the teacher please give him some advice?

"The teacher smiled. He looked at his student, his eyes filled with compassion. 'Do you want to know which dragon will win?' The young monk nodded. 'Why the one filled with love and compassion and wisdom, of course.' But how did he know asked the young monk. 'Because that's the one you'll feed'."

To Practice: Who are you going to feed today— anger or love?

Geri Larkin in Stumbling Toward Enlightenment