1. Spend at least fifteen minutes each day in walking meditation. Record your experience in your journal or create a special meditation log.

Walking Meditation
Accessing the Inner Creator
Accessing the Quality of Creativity


The purpose of walking meditation is to honor sacred time. This is a time set aside for introspection, contemplation, discovery, and honoring the sacred or divine.


Walk at a comfortable pace, and in a relaxed manner, for at least fifteen minutes. Many other movement activities can also be consciously used as meditation, including running, swimming, dancing, driving, cooking, vacuuming. In essence, any physical activity you choose for the purpose of listening to your internal states or processes can be considered a vehicle for meditation.


This posture supports the aspects of trust and openness, and encourages the unexpected, because your attention is engaged in a moving activity. During these activities intuitive insights and creative solutions often appear spontaneously. Moving meditation teaches human beings about the wonder of what can happen when we trust and let go of control.

2. Spend some time each day honoring your dreams by recording them in a dream journal. The most important dreams to work with during the year are the ones you keep remembering.

3. Make a commitment to practice truth-telling on a daily basis. Notice with whom and in what situations this is easy for you and when it is challenging.

4. Spend at least fifteen minutes each day singing, humming, or chanting. Begin to create your own original power songs.

5. Set aside some time each season to review your goals and how they support and further your life dream or vision.

6. At least twice a year, spend some extended time alone in nature to revision, redream, and reflect.

7. Consciously extend prayer or nonverbal support to others. Use creative visualizations, affirmations, and visual reminders to support your own growth and development.

8. Spend quiet time each day listening to your intuition. Deep inner guidance is always available and waiting to be recognized and used.

9. Notice and observe the sources of inspiration in your life. They reveal what is important to the authentic self.

Angeles Arrien in The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary