"At one point, she asked, 'Do you have a theme song?'

" 'A theme song?' I asked.

" 'A song that followed you or that someone gave to you. Did you give your son a song when he was born?'

"I hadn't, but I told her that the radio was playing in the hospital room when Harry was born, and I recalled that as he was being delivered, Shirley Bassey was singing 'Goldfinger' from the James Bond movie.

" 'When I was born,' she said, 'my father said my theme song would be "You'll Never Walk Alone." Do you know that one?'

" 'Yes, that's a good one.'

" 'It is,' she said, 'but that's just what I've gone and done.'

"And I guess she had. I had never met anyone like her."

To Practice: What is your theme song? How does it resonate with your soul?

John Skoyles in Generous Strangers and Other Moments from My Life