We bless this child with the elements of our common being,
with earth, air, fire and water.

(The speaker lifts a handful of earth before the child)

With earth, which is as solid as your given frame, my child,
we bless you. Take care of yourself as a body, be good to
yourself, for you are a good gift.

(The speaker blows gently on the child’s head)

With air, which is as fluctuating as your given passion my
child, we bless you. You will know sorrow and joy, rage
and contentment, resentment and ecstasy. Feel your passions
my child, they are good gifts.

(The speaker holds a flame aloft before the child’s eyes)

With fire, which is as illuminating as your given intelligence
my child, we bless you. Reason with care, test the world,
think with care, for your mind is a good gift.

(The speaker dips fingers into warm water and touches them to the crown of the child’s head)

With water, which is as clear as your spirit, my child, we
bless you. Grow in conscience, be rooted in good stories,
grow spiritually, for spirit too is a good gift.

Mark Belletini in Life Prayers from Around the World by Elias Amidon, Elizabeth Roberts