Cataphatic Prayer: Sit in a comfortable position. Open your scripture and choose a story to read. Since most scripture stories do not usually give a great deal of detail, close your eyes and put yourself into the story. Imagine that you are a bystander watching the events. Describe what you see. Notice who is present. What’s the weather like? How are people dressed? What do you hear? Can you smell anything? Pay attention to the details. Then watch what the characters do. Are the people aware of you? What is being said? Stay present to the scene for as long as possible. Before you open your eyes, ask yourself whether there is a message there for you. Then open your eyes and take time to reflect on any new insights you have gained.

Apophatic Prayer: Sit (or lie) in a comfortable position. Open your scripture to a favorite passage. Choose a word, a phrase, or a short sentence from this passage. Close your eyes and begin to recite the word (phrase or sentence) out loud. Then speak it softer and softer until it is a whisper. Repeat the word(s) over and over in your mind. Eventually, the meaning of the word(s) may cease to make sense, and you may find yourself wrapped in silence. Stay in the silence as long as possible.

Nancy Corcoran in Secrets of Prayer: A Multifaith Guide to Creating Personal Prayer in Your Life