Lord, how can I serve you without arms?
How can I walk in your way without feet?
I was collecting sticks for the fire when I lost my arms,
I was taking the goats to water when I lost my feet.
I have a head but my head does not understand why there are landmines in the
grazing land or why there is a tripwire across the dusty road to the market.

My heart is filled with a long ache. I want to share your pain but I cannot.
It is too deep for me. You look at me but I cannot bear your gaze. The arms
factory provides a job for my son and my taxes paid for the development of
smart bombs.
I did not protest when the soldiers planted fear into the earth that
smothers the old people and the anxious mothers and fills the young men with

Lord, we are all accomplices in the crime of war which is a lust for power at all
The cost is too much for humanity to bear
Lord give us back our humanity, our ubuntu…
Teach us to serve you without arms.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1000 World Prayers by Marcus Braybrooke