O God, who has made man in thine own likeness, and who doth love all whom Thou has made, suffer us not because of difference of race, color, or condition to separate ourselves from others and thereby from Thee; but teach us the unity of Thy family and universality of Thy Love. As Thou Savior, as a Son, was born of an Hebrew mother, who had the blood of many nations in her veins; and ministered first to Thy brethren of the Israelites, but rejoiced in the faith of a Syro-Phoenician woman and of a Roman solider, and suffered your cross to be carried by an Ethiopian; teach us, also, while loving and serving our own, to enter into the communion of the whole family; and forbid that from pride of birth, color, achievement and hardness of heart, we should despise any for whom Christ died, or injure or grieve any in whom He lives. We pray in Jesus’ precious name. AMEN.

Robert C. Lawson in Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans by James Melvin Washington