Holy One of One-Hundred Beautiful Names,
three of which are Compassion, Love, and Mercy,
I acknowledge my offenses against you and your creation.
In my attempts to be holy, too often I have listened to others instead of trusting my own God-given instincts.
I have accepted distorted images of women for so long that I no longer recognize the godly goodness of my own voice.
I have tarnished the unique God-shaped image that you so tenderly created inside each one of us, female and male.
I confess the times I have not loved you, Creation, my neighbors, or myself.
I am rarely able to receive your all-encompassing love.
Instead of fanning the flames of your love in my midst, too often I have quenched the divine sparks.
Instead of allowing your Holy Breath to swirl around me freely, sometimes I have tried to trap the breeze in a box to be used for my own purposes.
I ask you to blow away the cobwebs of temptation and to blot out the stain of my offenses.
I pray that your light may shine through me, and I may become all you created me to be.
I hope that I may reflect your Glorious Harmony in the world.
I ask this in your Beautiful Names, O God of One Hundred Names…. Amen.

Jane Richardson Jensen, Patricia Harris-Watkins in She Who Prays: A Woman's Interfaith Prayer Book